Your Dream of Houses is Our dream to support.

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We provide the following services.

1. Professional Property sale service
– Analyze your property and work professionally both online and offline.
– Keep track of the work and report to customers continuously.
– Buyer screening
– Take the Target customers visit the property.
– Credit management from Bank or others financial institute
– Facilitate contact with Government agencies such as the transfer of land ownership.
– Others

2. Property Search and Analysis Property value
– Empty land to build or do project
– Home & Land as your desired location, etc.
– Office
– Condominium
– Others

3 Liquidity Enhancement Services of Resell Property , Sold property by means of the following analysis.
– Good property / good quality in good location at reasonable price.
– The owner of the property earns enough to pay back the Principle and interest within the agreed time
– Have a land evaluation certificate and land plot.
– Documents of the owner who agree to use resell service
– Photographs of property and surrounding areas. (10-20 Pictures)
– Coordinates and pin positions of property

4. Inspection property Service offering before Signed accept property from real estate developer
As following;
– House
– Townhouse
– Condominium
– Office

Download Example of Inspection report